We can assure you: people will still be talking about our buildings – your building – in 500 years’ time, because our foundations are thousand year old principles. Balance; proportion; the centrality of human achievement; long lasting natural materials; and cutting edge innovation: these are the fundamentals of our practice and the key to our assured longevity. Time and money are of no consequence, only the vision matters. Take back your stake in the future by rediscovering the genius of the past. Invest in eternity: build what you will.

What if artists of the Italian Renaissance were working today, not as artists, but as architects?

The Italian Renaissance was a time of looking to the future by embracing the distant past. Renewed interest in Ancient Greek and Roman philosophy, art and culture marked the transition of Italian society from the preceding centuries of intellectual stagnation to the increasingly wealthy, humanist, secular intellectual society of 14th century Italy. This rediscovery of the past was largely possible only because of the new wealth of the Italian ruling families, which was used to adorn their homes with luxury goods, expensive art works, and other ostentatious, decadent displays. Thus, the artists of the time enjoyed a rise in their status from anonymous craftsmen to individual celebrity, and their new high fees granted them access to a lifestyle out of reach for the majority of the population.

It is for these reasons that I imagine, had the artists of the Italian Renaissance been active today as an architecture firm, they would sell their services to the richest and most prestigious clients: to big city build projects requiring innovation, iconic stature, and resulting in fame for the individuals involved.

Eccome is an Italian word which means something like ‘hell yeah’, it is a form of exclamation of joy, but it also has ties to money, to ‘economy’. The imagery used in their brand is of the golden ratio, printed in gold foil, but arranged to represent architecture, perhaps a towering building against a lower-level sky line, perhaps a modest home with a small front door. I kept the designs simple to convey a timeless, serene and balanced feel, introducing the gold foil as a touch of elegance, decadence even, to connote the high-end nature of their work.

Eccome is part of a personal project initiated in response to the Hiive Remix bursary prize, won by Danielle Wright and two others. More information about this project can be found on our blog.

  • Project Type: Brand design
  • Skills Needed: Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign
  • Client: Sudo Co (personal project)
  • Project Year: 2015