Designed for and built using WordPress

We're going to be honest here, straight off the bat, we don't do code. Tried it. Didn't like it. Ran away screaming and didn't look back. 

So how do we do website design? Well, like all good humans (and a wide selection of the smarter animal kingdom) we use tools. You see, there are people out there who spend their lives building themes and templates for others to buy and use in the creation of their WordPress websites. These people test their themes on all the current web browsers (and a good deal of redundant ones too) to make sure they look tops on each and every one. They make their sites compatible with devices of all sizes, so they as look good on mobile screens as they do on the most widescreen of desk top displays. And they take care of security concerns and ensure that your site is as safe as safe can be. We take their good work, give them a bit of cash, and use their tools to make something special for you.

QUESTION! If someone else has made the template, why do you need us?

That is a good question! You are of course totally welcome to search around for something pre-made which looks how you think you would like your site to look. We are sure you'll find something good eventually; you may even find something which is available to download and install for free. 

But, although we use structures built by external developers, we build each site from bare bones, creating a website design uniquely your own. You don't have to spend hours trawling through site after site of demo themes and screen shots - you can talk directly to us and have what you want brought to you. You don't have to figure out how to set your site up, how to create new pages and include the elements you want to include, because we do that for you. You don't even have to take the time to enter all your text and images, you can give your information to us and we will deliver to you a fully functioning ready to launch website

Once you have your website set up you will most probably want to look after it yourself, indeed we encourage you to, so we will provide you with clear documentation on how to make alterations to your pages, how to create new pages, and how to back-up and update your site to keep it super secure. We will talk you through any concerns you have and provide a length of time in which you can call on us to get you out of a jam. We know WordPress can look scary at first, but once you know your way around we promise you'll find it a doddle to use. 

ANOTHER QUESTION! Is this going to cost me a small fortune?

Well, that depends on what you consider to be a fortune. We cost more than some, and a lot less than others. Designing and building unique websites takes time, even when using the tools of others. You can spend money less elsewhere and get a website which is not uniquely your own, perhaps even from the developers who make the tools we use here. For your information our current favourite is Elegant Themes (we use their Divi Builder); we welcome you to check out the themes they provide and see if there are any you like as-is. But what you save in cash you'll spend in the time we could save you and the risk that your competitor could pop up with the exact same site. 

Plus, as you can see on our fees page, we offer a couple of packages. So as well as being considerably less expensive than designer/developers who rely on huge fees to fund their development and testing processes, we can save you even more money if you bundle design tasks together. For example, if you are looking for a re-brand as well as a new website, getting these from us together will save you a few bob. Good stuff.