What is motion graphics?

Motion graphics is really just regular graphics, but with movement. You see them on TV: they are the opening credits, and the boxes that tell you who is talking in documentaries. They appear on websites: popping up to tell you something important, like there is a sale on. They are the animations which help tell your story, provide engaging and accessible information 'shots', and build lasting connections with your audience. 

Motion graphics are of ever increasing importance to your marketing mix, and at Pesky Varmint we can help you with your motion projects in a number of ways:

  • Adding graphics to your pre-made films and videos
  • Designing and directing animation elements for your projects, be they for film, TV, or internet use
  • Composing original sound tracks to compliment your story and build emotional connections
  • Editing, colour grading, and producing your story for distribution from your recorded footage
  • Assisting you from concept level up, including planning and recording as well as all of the above


motion graphics video placeholder - video coming soon