Why is graphic design important?

Imagine a movie. The scene is dark, it is raining, neon lights reflect off the dirty wet pavement. A disheveled youth is concealed in the shadows, trying to evade detection by a pair of sharp-suited men who are closing in on the dead-end-alley hiding spot. No-one says a word. A glance between the suits is enough to communicate 'hold still' and then 'this way', and we know that they are about to get their man. There are no words to this story, no one says out loud what is happening on the screen, but we understand the visual language all the same. This story is communicated via our shared understanding of visual cues, and it is the same shared visual language which is at work in effective graphic design.

This is an admittedly dramatic example, but you will have accessed this visual language countless times everyday: from noticing a touch of shyness in a child's awkward smile on the bus, to knowing from the way your boss walked into the room that you are in for a bad day. You know from the boxes in the supermarket which cereals are meant for kids, which coffee will cost the most, and which shower gel will make you smell most like a prize winning posy. You know which of the pieces of paper on your table came from businesses taking their work seriously, and which of them were put together with clip art to tell you about the local school cake sale. You know you don't want your business to be confused with a table-top cake sale, and so you know you need professional graphic design.

But professional graphic design goes further than simply separating the respectable business from local fundraiser. In all your business materials you are trying to convey a message; to tell a story about yourself, your values, your goals, and also a message about the particular people whom you are addressing. Professional graphic design refines these messages and clears out the distractions and noise. It crafts them into a means to connect emotionally, intellectually, and memorably to your audience. It tells your story, how you would like it told, when you are not there to tell it yourself.


What can we do?

At Pesky Varmint we love to tell stories. We want to tell everyone's stories. Of course, that is impossible, so what we really want to do is make sure that we help tell the stories that might not otherwise get told.

We specialise in working with small companies, charities, and individuals who understand the benefit of having a personal, human, emotionally engaging story underpinning their communications activities.

We keep our fees low to ensure we are able to provide a professional level of service to those on tight budgets.

And we practice what we preach; we want to tell your story - not our version of it, nor our vision for it - always striving to find the best way to tell it as it needs to be told.

We have wide experience in using graphic design to produce communications materials, you can take a look at our gallery for some examples of our work, and if you have a project you would like to discuss please get in touch to talk through what we can do.